Getting Around Paradise Island: Transportation Options

Getting Around Paradise Island

How Do You Get Around Paradise Island?

Paradise Island, connected by a bridge to Nassau, is an exclusive holiday destination strategically located in the heart of The Bahamas. The capital city of Nassau is just a short trip away, giving you access to all of the rich culture, history, and exotic destinations that have made The Bahamas an unforgettable holiday experience.

The transportation options at Paradise Landing on Paradise Island — a luxury gated community and state-of-the-art marina — allow you to easily get to anywhere on the island with ease, such as the famous Atlantis Resort & Casino, one of the many white-sand remote beaches or other popular attractions on Nassau itself. 

The on-site concierge service at Paradise Landing gives you direct access to various transportation options to explore and experience the wonders of Nassau and all of The Bahamas. 

Transportation Options on Paradise Island

Paradise Island and Nassau have a wide variety of transportation options that are all accessible through the concierge service at Paradise Landing. Some of the ways that you can get around and explore the island as well as Nassau include the following:

  • Golf cart rentals: Ideal for Paradise Island transportation to nearby beaches, restaurants, and boutiques, among other locations.
  • Taxis and town car rentals: Taxis, shuttle services, and car rentals are available which are ideal for travel to Nassau and include luxury vehicles and limousines.
  • Buses: Buses are available for larger parties to get around Paradise Island and Nassau.
  • Ferries and boat charters: If you’d like to take the scenic route to nearby locations, ferries and boat charters can be an ideal way to travel to locations around Nassau and even neighboring islands.
  • Public transport: Nassau offers public transport via minibusses known as “jitneys” to allow for easy and cheap transport around the islands. A bus stop is located at the base of the bridges.

Guests of Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina at Paradise Landing and Paradise Landing guests can procure transportation easily through the on-site concierge services available to all members and guests of the luxury marina and gated community. Many guests enjoy the golf cart rentals to travel effortlessly and safely to Atlantis Resort & Casino, Ocean Club Golf Course, world-renowned Cabbage Beach, shops, and restaurants. 

Getting Around Paradise Island

Is There Uber on Paradise Island?

Currently, Uber is unavailable on Paradise Island, Nassau, or The Bahamas. Rideshare services, including Uber and Lyft, are unavailable; however, many taxi options amount to the same transportation option but without the phone app. 

Traveling on Paradise Island

Paradise Landing is located near the two toll bridges connected to Nassau. From this secure gated community and holiday destination with a wealth of luxury amenities and services that are also tied into the state-of-the-art deep-water marina, Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, you can procure a variety of transportation options from the comfort of Paradise Landing with on-site concierge services.

If you travel via yacht or boat and berth at the deep-water Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina with several Bahamas-first services, such as in-slip fueling and the most advanced security system in the entire region, then you can easily voyage to any of the islands scattered throughout the magical Bahamas while using the transportation services available at Paradise Landing on Paradise Island.

Use our fast and easy online slip reservation system and take advantage of the concierge services at the secure Paradise Landing on your next Bahamas trip. Call 242-677-1900 to learn more today.

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