7 Things to Do in The Bahamas

fun things to do in the bahamas

An Island Nation with Plenty of Entertainment and Fun Options

When traveling to The Bahamas, there’s much excitement about what to do. One great perk of vacationing or visiting here is that the islands are close together, so all of the best things to do in The Bahamas aren’t far away. For example, docking on Paradise Island at the top-rated Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina means you’re just across a harbour connected by bridges to the nation’s populous capital city, Nassau. With so many activities to do on Paradise Island and even more options on the water and surrounding islands nearby, you’ll never get bored if you’re looking for things to do in The Bahamas.

7 Fun Things to Do in The Bahamas

With all the activities and excursions to enjoy while in The Bahamas, it’s hard to narrow the to-do list to just a couple of ideas. The Bahamas has so many options for education, enrichment, exploration, entertainment, and enjoyment that any activity or place you choose is sure to be a memorable experience. Here are 7 things to do in The Bahamas that are highly rated by other tourists:

Marine Habitat at Atlantis

There are many different sea animals exhibits to see here, and even exhibits that show some of the most exotic sea creatures from 11,000 years ago. Make sure to take a look at the best in marina life, including impressive displays showcasing animals like lobsters, lionfish, groupers, seahorses, clownfish, jellyfish, and moray eels. Atlantis is a convenient 2-minute golf cart ride from the Hurricane Hole Marina.

Marina Village

There’s nothing like a little shopping trip while on vacation. Most of the shops on or near Paradise Island are unique to The Bahamas and offer different products and designs. This outdoor shopping mall also has a wide assortment of restaurants and retail shops. This shopping area is the host of a Junkanoo parade twice a week. It’s also a popular spot to find talented musicians playing live music that you can enjoy while walking around or eating outside.

Dune Bar

This bar offers a serene and peaceful environment while also featuring live music that livens up the experience. During the day, you’ll have a serene view of the ocean. If you get there right when the sun sets, you’ll also have the opportunity to see stunning views. The Dune Bar serves up delicious seafood to go with refreshing cocktails after a long day of soaking up the sun on Cabbage Beach, which the bar faces.

Dolphin Cay

Not only does Dolphin Cay offer care for dolphins and sea lions while studying their behavior, it also provides ways to interact with guests without disrupting the wildlife. Guests can be in the water with dolphins and get a face-to-face experience for interactions that last around 60 to 90 minutes. If swimming with the dolphins isn’t your thing, you can paddleboard with them instead.

Clifton Heritage National Park

Located on the western end of New Providence Island, this national park boasts 208 acres of coastal wetlands, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and woodland. It’s known for a marine sculpture garden that includes the world’s tallest underwater statue.

Pig Beach

things to do in bahamas

A small island, Big Mayor Cay, has no residents, at least of the human variety. Wild pigs inhabit the land, and they’ve become stars of a popular natural tourist attraction. When visitors arrive by boat, they can enjoy a chance to swim with friendly, happy pigs.

Queen’s Staircase

This staircase contains 66 steps and is a major landmark in The Bahamas. It was made out of solid limestone rock and named after Queen Victoria of Britain. Once you reach the top, you’ll get to take in a beautiful view of waterfalls and jungle vegetation. 

Plan an Unforgettable Vacation in The Bahamas

When exploring the many activities available in The Bahamas, you’ll find a diverse range of options to suit every vacation preference and desired experience. Whether you crave beachside entertainment, soaking up the sun, and indulging in water-related activities, or prefer to anchor your yacht and partake in immersive adventures, Paradise Island stands out as the ultimate destination to make your home base while in The Bahamas.

Paradise Island is home to Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, the best deep-water yacht marina in The Bahamas. Even better, the marina is surrounded by Paradise Landing, an upscale residential and commercial neighborhood full of restaurants, stores, luxury luxury marina-side condos available for rent on a monthly basis, and much more that make this a great place to visit.

Never Run Out of Things to Do in The Bahamas at Paradise Landing

When planning things to do in The Bahamas, Paradise Island has no shortage of activities and islands nearby that make it the best place to spend a vacation. When docking at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, enjoy lunch at the dockside Asian Grill before heading out to induldge in local activities and excursions for the day. Asian Grill has a unique variety of foods on the menu, including traditional Asian dishes, Bahamian finger foods, and salads. Stock up on necessities and luxury items at the nearby stores, and get ready for a great time, no matter what kind of vacation experience you want. There’s something for everyone on Paradise Island. Call Paradise Landing at 242-677-1900 to learn more about this new standout community on Paradise Island.

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