Paradise Island Bahamas

paradise island bahamas

A Beautiful Place to Call Home

Imagine stunning ocean views and white sand beaches and you’ve begun to tap into the wonder of Paradise Island, Bahamas. Add access to first-class amenities like an 18-hole, par-72 golf course, a world-famous resort and casino, and a superyacht marina capable of berthing even the largest superyachts and you’re looking at one of the best islands in the world.

Where is Paradise Island Bahamas?

paradise island in the bahamas

So where exactly is Paradise Island, Bahamas, located? In paradise, of course!

Paradise Island is known as the home of the world-famous Atlantis Resort, which boasts a casino, more than 40 restaurants and bars, luxury shopping, and a water park. But it’s much more than that, especially with the recent redesign and expansion of Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina that added cutting-edge features and ensured its status as one of the best marinas in the world.

Paradise Island is connected by two bridges to the nearby island of New Providence and Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas. When you visit Paradise Island, you’re just minutes away from the best shopping, entertainment, tourism, and dining options of this beautiful island nation.

What’s on Paradise Island Bahamas?

There is so much on Paradise Island that you might instead ask what isn’t on Paradise Island.

After undergoing a world-class redesign and expansion, Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina has become the premier deep-water marina in The Bahamas, making it an ideal destination for docking. Along with its stunning location, visitors can enjoy state-of-the-art marina facilities, 24/7 security, concierge services, and reliable internet access. The marina’s deep-water design ensures that even the largest superyachts can easily dock here.

Just minutes away is the world-renowned Atlantis resort and casino, with its famous water park, casino, restaurants, and luxury services.

Two bridges link Paradise Island, Bahamas, to the capital city of Nassau on New Providence, where even more shopping, dining, tourism, and entertainment is available just minutes from Hurricane Hole.

You don’t have to leave Paradise Island to find other great sights, such as a spectacular 18-hole golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, as well as pristine beaches that can’t be beat.

Best Place to Live on Paradise Island Bahamas

The growing residential and commercial community of Paradise Landing surrounds Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, offering guests and island residents  all kinds of new conveniences and options right on Paradise Island. The Residences at Paradise Landing has become a prestigious place to call home, with each residence boasting amazing views of the water, sleek design features inside and plenty of privacy and security.

There’s a reason why “paradise” is right in the name of our Paradise Landing community — and it’s quickly become the best place to live on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Climate and Culture of The Bahamas

The Bahamas were inhabited by the Lucayan people before colonization, noted as being the very first indigenous people encountered by Christopher Columbus. The name “Bahamas” originates from the Lucayan word meaning “large upper middle island.” Many people in the Caribbean can trace their heritage back to Lucayan and Taino heritage through mitochondrial DNA.

In 1718, The Bahamas became a British colony, and thousands of American loyalists were relocated there years later after the revolutionary war. Bringing enslaved peoples with them, these loyalists established plantations. When Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807, The Bahamas became a haven for freed slaves, with many of those freed from illegal slave ships then being settled in the archipelago. The Bahamas are one of the wealthiest independent countries in the Americas, following the U.S. and Canada in GDP.

The country has just over 400,000 residents spread across 30 islands, with Nassau being the capital and hub of the nation with about 70% of the total population. The language spoken by native Bahamians is Bahamainian Creole. This country has a parliament and a monarch as many other British-colonized countries do, and recognize Charles III as king.

The Bahamas’ tropical location and absence of winter make it a desirable destination for many people. Its proximity to the equator and warm gulf stream result in a minor 13-degree Fahrenheit temperature difference between summer and winter. The rainy season occurs during summers, as is typical in other tropical climates. Although occasional winter storms may push temperatures down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing temperatures have never been recorded. Snowfall is an extremely rare occurrence, with only one instance of mixed snow and rain reported in 1977 at Freeport. With over 340 days of sunshine annually, residents can enjoy an abundance of Vitamin D.

The culture of The Bahamas is primarily a mix of African, British, and American although it has become a melting-pot of cultures with residents from all over the globe taking advantage of the country’s many appealing benefits and tropical lifestyle. The majority of Bahamians are Christian. Street parades called Junkanoo with bright costumes, music, cow bells, and dancing are held on various dates like New Year’s and Boxing Day. Regattas are held frequently, with a day’s sail on a wooden boat accompanied by an onshore celebration. Bahamian food is delicious, incorporating Caribbean, African, and European influences. Different areas of The Bahamas have celebrations that surround the harvest of that area’s crops, like Pineapple Fest, or Crab Fest.

Storytelling, poetry, and literature are strong traditions in The Bahamas, along with folklore and legend. Mythical creatures such as the Chickcharney and the Lusca pepper tales, as well as the lost city of Atlantis, are referenced often.

Make Paradise Island Bahamas your New Home by Living at Paradise Landing

Paradise Landing, developed by Sterling Global Financial Limited, is a stunning development located in a tropical paradise, equipped with every conceivable luxury. Elite and luxurious,Paradise Landing is situated just a stone’s throw away from the finest amenities the Caribbean has to offer.. This exceptional residential and commercial complex is centered around the world-renowned Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina. And with more on the horizon for this community, you can expect Paradise Landing to just keep getting better.

Learn more about the paradise available at Paradise Landing by calling 242-677-1900, or find out more about marina slips rentals and operations at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina by calling us at 242-603-1950.

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