Bahamas Beaches: 10 Places for Fun in the Sun

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Plenty of Beach Beauty in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, a series of nearly 700 tropical islands. However, only about 30 are inhabited by humans. The islands of the Bahamas have been home to people since the fourth century. By 1718, the British ruled the islands and remained that way until 1973 when the Bahamas gained its independence. Now, the Bahama beaches are a popular tourist destination with over five million visits each year.

Research shows that there are more than 2,000 Bahama beaches. Let’s take a look at the top 10 beaches to visit while in the Bahamas.

10 Beaches to Visit in The Bahamas

Whether you live on the island or are there for a vacation, there’s no wrong time to visit the Bahama beaches. If you and your loved ones find yourself in the Bahamas, make sure you spend quality time at the Bahama beaches for fun in the sun. These are the top 10 beaches to visit in the Bahamas.

No. 1: Love Beach

Crystal clear turquoise waters. Soft, white sand. And the opportunity to see low-flying airplanes buzzing above. That’s what you can look forward to at Love Beach. This Bahama beach is close to the capital, Nassau, so it’s easily accessible by bus. Plus, it’s a favorite among the locals and tourists! After a long day of relaxing on the Bahama beach, venture to the local beach bar to grab a snack and some drinks.

No. 2: Pink Sands Beach

As you can imagine from the name, Pink Sands Beach is decorated with pink sand. The magical color of this three-mile stretch comes from crushed seashells. This Bahama beach is very popular for honeymooners and romantic couples to enjoy a picturesque, romantic getaway.

To get to Pink Sands Beach, you must navigate a short walking trail in-between a tree-lined dirt path. You’ll find snack shops along the shores where you can refuel for your big beach day.

No. 3: Tropic of Cancer Beach

Tropic of Cancer Beach is one that comes top-of-mind when you think of the Bahama beaches. With gorgeous landscapes, clear waters, endless stretches of sand, and quiet surroundings, this beach tends to be a quiet and serene destination even with tourists. Approximately a 20-minute drive from Great Exuma, the Tropic of Cancer Beach is a great option for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of local attractions and just chill out.

No. 4: Cable Beach

One of the most popular Bahama beaches, Cable Beach offers great views, clear-blue waters, watersport adventures, nearby resorts, shopping, dining, and even more excitement. As one of the most expansive beaches in the Bahamas, you will find loads of fun in the sun. For example, you can build a sandcastle, lay out in the sun, surf, or rent a water scooter. Plus, you have options for beach bars, restaurants, and snack shacks to quench your thirst and ease your hunger.

No. 5: Junkanoo Beach

Named after the Junkanoo celebrations that take place between December and January, Junkanoo Beach offers a party atmosphere complete with restaurants, bars, music, and dancing. If you’re looking for a place to let loose in a tropical paradise, Junkanoo Beach is it. No matter what day or time you visit, you’re likely to hear music booming from the clubs.

No. 6: Arawak Beach

Get all your needs met while relaxing on a glorious stretch of white sand and blue waters. Located in Pointe de la Verdure, Arawak Beach offers many activities. You can enjoy sailing, surfing, golf, boating, windsurfing, shopping, gambling, and more here. If you want a fun vacation experience, Arawak Beach is the place to go.

No. 7: Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach is a popular Bahama beach on Paradise Island. With a long stretch of gold-sand shores lined with resorts, restaurants, shops, and stunning scenery, this beach can get crowded, especially during the tourist season. However, on off-seasons, it’s possible to find a secluded and quiet spot to simply relax. While you’re there, keep an eye out for the flags that tell you where it’s safe to swim.

No. 8: Taino Beach

If you’re looking for a picture-perfect beach with azure waters, sand for as far as you can see, and a diverse range of activities, then visit Taino Beach. From swimming to parasailing to renting a water scooter, this Bahama beach has a little something for everyone. If sunbathing and working on your tan is more your vibe, you can also do that here. Whatever you’re looking for in the beaches of the Bahamas, Taino Beach has it.

No. 9: Paradise Beach

Miles of powder-soft sand, crystal clear waters, and a secluded beach area – that’s the beauty of Paradise Beach. As a bonus, this Bahama beach also has ultramodern amenities, viewpoints, and historic sites. From here, you can climb Fort Fincastle for extraordinary views, visit the Ocean Club for dining and activities, and game at a nearby casino. Great for family vacations, Paradise Beach has something everyone can enjoy.

No. 10: French Leave Beach

Another pink sand beach, French Leave Beach has a refreshing Atlantic breeze, quiet surroundings, and secluded access to the blue waters. This tucked-away beach is located on Eleuthera and is only a few minutes from the North Palmetto Point downtown area. It’s important to know that French Leave Beach has no shaded areas, so sunscreen and a beach umbrella are necessary.

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Make Beach Life Part of Your Everyday Life at Paradise Landing on Paradise Island

If you want to make the Bahama beaches a part of your everyday life, then consider becoming a resident of Paradise Landing. These luxurious island residencies offer an unparalleled combination of beautiful surroundings, diverse amenities, and the convenience of urban living. The state-of-the-art Paradise Landing Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina also gives you a unique way to work remotely from your yacht or boat while being berthed in a full-service marina with reliable Wi-Fi, plus many other amenities including round-the-clock security.

As a Paradise Landing resident, you can make beach life an everyday affair. All you need to do is pack your essentials in a beach bag and get moving. Even better, from Paradise Landing, you can experience a world of adventure, from the clearest waters in the world to pink sand beaches to pineapple fields and more, you can have it all with Paradise Landing.

A comfortable life living in the Bahamas can be an option for you with Paradise Landing. Finding the right place to live with everything you need, including Bahama beaches, watersport activities, and beach dining are possible. To help find the best Bahama beaches, call Paradise Landing on Paradise Island at 242-677-1900 to experience the beach life you’ve always wanted.

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