4 Things to Know Before Moving to The Bahamas

What You Need To Know Before Moving to The Bahamas 2023

Why People Relocate to The Bahamas

Are you dreaming of a carefree island lifestyle away from cold winters and the pressures of mundane city life? The Bahamas is a top destination in the world for people to relocate to, and for good reason. However, what you need to know before moving to The Bahamas is important before making the decision. 

The Bahamas offers excellent tax schemes with no capital gains, income, or estate tax and several other economic benefits. The Bahamas also has one of the best climates in the world with an average of 340 days of sunshine per year giving residents the chance to fully enjoy its white-sand beaches, turquoise ocean water, and rich cultural life. English is also the official language of The Bahamas making immigration to the islands much easier and smoother.

If these elements sound appealing, then moving to The Bahamas may be ideal for you! The Bahamas island chain provides a richness of scenic views and abundant marine life with the endless ocean to explore by yacht or boat and the vibrancy of cities such as Nassau which houses nearly 70% of the total Bahamian population.

How to Move to The Bahamas

One of the easiest ways to meet the requirements to become a resident of The Bahamas is through investment. According to the Bahamas Migration Services, a person who invests at least $750,000 (USD) in property or businesses in The Bahamas can receive permanent residency in The Bahamas along with their spouse and children.

It’s noted that the process of becoming a permanent resident can be hastened and priority is given to investments of $1,500,000 (USD). The process takes, on average, three months to complete at the lowest investment rate.

Various other requirements of an Economic Permanent Resident application include living in the Bahamas for at least 90 days annually, and declarations of investments must be resubmitted every 10 years among other finer details.

What You Need To Know Before Moving to The Bahamas

Cost of Living in The Bahamas

The overall cost of living in The Bahamas is about 25.68% higher than the average cost of living in The United States. If you’re living on Paradise Island off the coast of Nassau, then you will have easy access to all of the luxuries of the city but also the privacy and exclusivity of small island life on Paradise Island.

While the cost of living on average in The Bahamas is a bit higher than the average for the United States as a whole, it entirely depends on which city you are comparing it to. For example, Nassau is about 48% less expensive to live in compared to New York City.


Residents of Paradise Island, just off Nassau, can use the two main bridges that connect the islands to easily visit any corner of Nassau. Since Nassau and Paradise Island cover roughly 80 square miles, if you plan to live there, it would be better to own a car than to rely solely on public transportation; however, at gated communities such as Paradise Landing on Paradise Island, many shops and businesses are within walking distance, and it’s easy to get a taxi if you need to go further.

Owning a boat or yacht is an ideal way to get around The Bahamas. With 30 inhabited islands across the archipelago and exceptional marina life and ocean vistas, you can explore The Bahamas at your leisure by boat.

Preparing for Island Living at Paradise Landing

Paradise Landing on Paradise Island is one of the best places to relocate in The Bahamas. The gated yachting village and residences have some of the most advanced security systems in all of The Bahamas. All of the essentials are conveniently located within Paradise Landing, and Atlantis Resort and Casino is just a few steps away.

Enjoy the pinnacle of Bahamian living at Paradise Landing on Paradise Island with bustling Nassau nearby. Call 242-677-1900 today to learn more about The Residences of Paradise Landing and the world-class Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina.

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