The Bahamas Lifts All COVID-Related Travel Restrictions

Bahamas COVID Testing

Bahamas COVID Testing and Restrictions Lifted

As of 20 September 2022, all COVID-related restrictions and tests will be removed for international travelers to The Bahamas. As we head to the holiday season, travelers looking to make the Bahamas their holiday destination will be pleased to know that when traveling to places in the Bahamas such as Paradise Island and Nassau won’t have to submit to COVID tests and all related documents that were required such as a Bahamas Travel Health Visa.

The public safety drive that required vaccination, regular COVID tests for travelers, and other restrictions won’t put a hamper on your holiday in the Bahamas anymore. The Bahamas is set to welcome thousands of travelers and holidaymakers from around the world these holidays and with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, a holiday in the Bahamas is safe and convenient.

The Bahamas Mask Requirement Changes

A mask mandate was established in the Bahamas to help curb the rapid spread of the COVID virus but since hospitalization and infection rates have dropped considerably, you will no longer be required to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors in busy public areas. The lifting of the mask mandate will take effect as of October 1, 2022.

The only place where the mask mandate will remain is in healthcare facilities to further help protect those most at risk of severe COVID-19 infections. You will no longer need a mask anywhere else, helping to return to pre-COVID conditions in the Bahamas.

Unvaccinated Travel to the Bahamas

Before September 20, 2022, COVID-related travel restriction changes, if you were planning a trip to Paradise Island, the Bahamas as an unvaccinated traveler, you would have needed to provide a current negative COVID test before being allowed to enter the country. Unvaccinated travelers to the Bahamas no longer need to provide a current negative COVID-19 test before being allowed entry into the country.

Bahamas COVID Testing

Vaccinations and Travel to The Bahamas

Before the recent change in the mandates for the COVID-19 virus, vaccinated holidaymakers and travelers to any area of the Bahamas would need to show their vaccination status and provide an up-to-date negative COVID test as part of the immigration and customs process. As of September 20, 2022, vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors no longer need to go through any testing requirements or vaccination statuses as part of the customs process.

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