Best Place to Retire in The Bahamas

best place to retire bahamas paradose landing

Why People Retire in The Bahamas

Throughout your working years, you dream about retirement and hope to spend your years in retirement in a tropical place that feels like you are on a permanent vacation. The Bahamas is an ideal location for retirees to relocate to for many reasons. The most obvious of reasons is the change in location to a tropical setting that offers picturesque views, access to world-renowned beaches, and rich culture within the Bahamas. However, the Bahamas offers retirees unique opportunities that they may not have had while living in the United States. The Bahamas is a hub for various outdoor activities that will help keep you active and healthy while meeting your physical capabilities and needs. The calm turquoise waters are a perfect setting to keep your body healthy and fit by engaging in swimming and various water sports including snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, or sailing. For days when you want to be active outside of the water, there are beautiful golf courses that offer magnificent ocean views and challenging courses along with other outdoor recreational activities such as bicycling, tennis, or leisurely walks among the gorgeous lush landscape of the Bahamas. 

Retiring in the Bahamas is ideal for many Americans due to the easy accessibility and travel abilities between countries. With three international airports located in the Bahamas and direct flights offered from most major American cities, it is easy for you or your loved ones to travel back and forth to the Bahamas from the United States. 

The Bahamas is an ideal location for retirees that will bring you into a tropical setting while experiencing significant financial benefits and perks of residency within this picturesque location. Paradise Landing is a premier location for retirees to live and reside within a state-of-the-art facility that is nestled within the heart of the Bahamas. The exclusive community within Paradise Landing offers a highly secure and private location and communities for retirees to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. 

Financial Benefits of Retiring in The Bahamas

As you embark on retirement, you want to ensure that you are financially stable and able to maintain your lifestyle without worrying about unnecessary expenses. You want your money to last throughout retirement while allowing you to enjoy your life. Retiring in the Bahamas offers retirees financial perks and benefits that appeal to American residents. Unlike the United States, becoming a permanent resident of the Bahamas will mean that you are not subjected to paying income taxes, capital gains taxes, or inheritance taxes. Additionally, residents of the Bahamas are not required to pay corporate taxes or business taxes. This is due to the Bahamas receiving tax revenue from industries such as import/stamp duties, real property tax, license fees, and casino taxes. The tax reduction for residents makes this country a tax haven and reduces any additional stress from living within this stunning country creating a strong appeal for retirees to make the Bahamas your new home. 

permenant residency in bahamas retirement investment

Permanent Residency As a Means of Investment for Retirement

Retiring in the Bahamas requires retirees to gain permanent residency. This process helps to solidify a person’s status to becoming a citizen of the Bahamas which opens up possibilities to move freely through the country and the ability to come and go as you please with ease. To gain permanent residency, there are specific steps you need to take that can be a long process. However, your application for permanent residency can be made simpler through investment purchases. Under a clause within the Immigration Act of the Bahamas, a foreign person or tourist can become a permanent resident of the Bahamas by purchasing a Bahamian residence for a minimum of $750,000 USD. If the foreign purchaser has a spouse or children, they can be included in the residency application without any additional charges. A final component of the permanent residency application is demonstrating that you have the financial means and assets to support yourself and your family while residing in the Bahamas. 

You are investing in your future by purchasing a home or real estate property within the Bahamas. You can be on the fast track for permanent residency as those gaining residency through real estate investment purchases will be able to gain residency within a few weeks compared to other eligibility requirements such as marrying a Bahamian resident which can be a long, slow process. Having permanent residency will open up the possibilities and opportunities for you that are similarly offered to residents of the Bahamas. You will have the ability to move freely through the country, and your family will be able to reside with you while also having the ability to work remotely if they need to. As you enjoy the benefits of tax breaks and financial stability, you will also enjoy low real estate tax rates that will keep your cost of living lower compared to rates that are offered within the United States. Residency in the Bahamas means that you will enjoy a lifestyle of luxury and relaxation free of the stresses of taxes while residing in this tropical paradise. 

Why Paradise Landing on Paradise Island is The Bahamas’ Best Place to Retire 

The Bahamas is a stunning paradise to call home, and retirees are choosing the Bahamas more and more to make their new homes. Finding a residence that offers you the luxury and stability you desire is the top priority for retirees. Paradise Landing on Paradise Island offers residents a bustling community with state-of-the-art amenities and services. This safe gated community offers residents onsite security that is available 24 hours a day to monitor the community and ensure that residents can roam and reside within this neighborhood with comfort and ease. Residents are offered an exclusive community that offers top-tier amenities only available to residents allowing this close-knit community to socialize with one another and develop a strong foundation of trust and belonging with others. Paradise Landing residents can walk out of their luxury residence into a stunning community that offers fine dining experiences, dazzling retail shopping experiences, gourmet grocery stores, exclusive beach clubs, and golf courses, and within a short distance, you can access the world-renowned Atlantis Resort and Casino home to magnificent spa services, restaurants, and first-class waterparks that provide you with a day of adventure, relaxation, sun, and sand. 

Paradise Landing is home to the newly developed marina, Hurricane Hole, which is a one-of-a-kind marina available for yachts and superyachts. This deep-water marina ensures that no matter the size of your vessel, you can easily move within our marina and dock your yacht within a boat slip. Hurricane Hole offers exclusive services and amenities to owners, captains, and crews that will foster health, wellness, safety, and relaxation. The yachting community residing in our marina is able to berth your yacht and walk out into the welcoming, luxury community of Paradise Landing. 

Contact Paradise Landing at 242-677-1900 today to learn more about this oasis nestled in the heart of the Bahamas. Living in luxury is within reach, and your retirement can be everything you dreamed of and more within our exclusive luxury community on Paradise Landing.

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