5 of the Most Expensive Yachts in the World

most expensive yachts in the world

The Life of Luxury at Sea is Better When You Dock at Hurricane Hole

Yachting is a growing trend, and it’s understandable why more people are setting out on the open seas for vacation, adventure, or relaxation. With the ability to set sail to almost any location, yachting opens up new windows of opportunity to explore, discover, and experience the world and dynamic cultures. Traveling from port to port, yacht owners and guests are able to see the beauty of life at sea, all while living a life of luxury — especially if you’re lucky enough to be on one of the most expensive yachts in the world.

The evolution of yachts has taken these luxury vessels to new levels that incorporate elegant designs, luxury rooms, and top-tier amenities that catapult a vacation into an experience of luxury and abundance within a premier vessel. The modern designs of yachts offer the best in onboard features and services that will maintain you and your guests’ basic needs and offer exclusive comfort items and extravagant amenities that offer an elite experience that is only available while sailing the open sea aboard these luxury yachts and superyachts.

Yacht Trends in the 2020s

most expensive yachts

2020 was a year that transformed how the world operated and interacted with one another. As the pandemic progressed and everyone began to isolate, it led many to consider new methods of enjoying vacations and seeing the world while following health organizations’ COVID-19 health guidelines. Yachting became an appealing option that allowed people to explore the world while avoiding airline travel and busy resorts. Since the pandemic began, the number of yachts and superyachts being purchased and rented has substantially increased. The desire to have a private vacation that removes you from the typical destinations has made the yachting experience more appealing and desirable for many people.

The design of the most expensive yachts and superyachts has moved into an appearance of elegance with improvements and additions to amenities aboard the vessels. Superyachts have seen a progression in the development of swimming pools aboard the vessels. Pools are being built within the exterior decks to allow guests to enjoy a dip while overlooking the stunning, sparkling waters of the ocean. Swimming pools within superyachts have become a social hub for guests where there is easy access to food and beverages along with space for entertainment.

Dip pools are now a key amenity on yachts, allowing guests to enjoy a quick soak in the pool while sailing among the ocean. The latest superyachts often include dip pools on the foredeck — providing picture-perfect views, all while maintaining the privacy of guests and offering easy access from cabins.

Another newer trend is a focus on making superyachts as eco-friendly and environmentally safe as possible. Some vessels include hybrid options of motors and sailing, for example, and some designs incorporate underwater turbines, wind turbines, and solar panels to reduce carbon emissions.

5 of the Most Expensive Yachts in the World

The evolving design of yachts and incorporation of lavish or extravagant features and amenities has prompted an increase in the costs of yachts or superyachts. Since 2020, the world has seen an uptick in global wealth, leading more people to purchase the most expensive yachts in the world. There is a wide selection of yachts available, meaning that potential buyers have the ability to choose from the finest vessels that have the specific amenities, designs, and features they’re searching for. 

The price of yachts is not often widely advertised due to the elite market of potential buyers and sellers, but some information is available, including for this list of some of the most expensive yachts in the world.

  1. Lürssen: Dillbar. This superyacht is valued at $800 million and is the largest motor yacht in the world. This German-built superyacht offers elite, modern design features throughout the interior of this vessel while offering state-of-the-art amenities. Guests can enjoy a 82-foot swimming pool, 41,000-square-feet of saloons, spas, cinemas, and staterooms all within this luxury superyacht. This superyacht is the epitome of luxury and abundance that will transform any vacation into a first class experience. 
  2. Lürssen: Azzam. Valued at $600 million, this is the world’s longest superyacht. The sleek, long exterior and the stunning empire-inspired design of the interior provide an elegant and prestigious appearance. The sleek design allows for this superyacht to reach high sailing speeds of more than 30 knots.
  3. Blohm+Voss: Eclipse. This superyacht is estimated to be worth approximately $600 million. Designed 20 years ago, this vessel has had numerous upgrades and renovations that have helped to maintain its luxury status and state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. This luxury yacht has a helicopter pad with space to store 3 choppers, as well as 47 state rooms and a 185-foot-long owners’ deck outside of a prestigious suite. Guests can enjoy a large swimming pool that offers versatility by transforming into a dance floor, a gym, beach club, and spa.
  4. Lürssen: Topaz. This megayacht is the fourth-largest yacht built by the German shipyard Lürssen. This spacious yacht is valued at $527 million and offers cabins for up to 62 guests and 72 crew members. Guests and crews can enjoy a large swimming pool and a swim platform, and the vessel even has a helipad.
  5. Fincantieri: Serene. This superyacht was the one of the largest vessels to be developed within Italy. At 439 feet, this megayacht offers guests and crew members with an exclusive, luxury experience with an abundance of top-tier amenities. This superyacht includes a winter garden for fine dining that is ideal for any time of the year, a massive swimming pool, garage space that is able to park a submarine, two helipads, and a hangar to park helicoptersn. This megayacht offers a once-in-a-lifetime voyage experience with access to first-class amenities and services.

Why Superyacht Captains are Choosing Hurricane Hole as their Bahamas Home Port

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, located on beautiful Paradise Island in The Bahamas, is a premier deep-water marina that’s bigger and better than ever since a world-class redesign and expansion to add in the latest and greatest features for modern yacht captains and owners.

Even the biggest and most expensive yachts can safely and easily navigate throughout our premier facility because of our intentional design to become the best marina in The Bahamas. Hurricane Hole has slips up to 420 feet, as well as a 14.5-foot mean low tide depth, 70-foot bridge clearance, and 240-foot turning basin, which means even the largest vessels can get in and out.

In addition to its deep-water design, Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina has made a name for itself as a top marina in the Caribbean because of its wide range of first-in-class amenities. Hurricane Hole is proud to be the first and only Bahamas marina to offer in-slip fueling — a convenient feature that means yachts can be fueled right they are, with no need for captains to wait in line behind other boats or even monitor fuel delivery.

Hurricane Hole also is surrounded by the growing Paradise Landing residential and commercial community, which offers easy access to all kinds of additional services and business, including a dockside grill and bar, a pharmacy, and a large wine and spirits store. Paradise Landing will soon be home to even more businesses — a gourmet grocery store, three additional restaurants, a wellness center, and a yacht captains and crew members gym are all in the works.

You might not have the most expensive yacht in the world, but any yacht or superyacht deserves the best of the best — and Hurricane Hole can deliver exactly that. Contact our team today by calling 242-603-1950 to learn more about Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, or reach out to the Paradise Landing team at 242-677-1900.

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